Swimming with WHALES... Yep...

Swimming with WHALES... Yep...

September 21, 2016

OceanZen has just spent two weeks in Tonga swimming with… WILD HUMPBACK WHALES.
This is our second year returning to the Kingdom of Tonga in a row, and we will definitely be going back for a third.

To see a whale underwater, in its natural environment, circling and interacting with us, playing this us, looking into my eyes and into my soul as I stare back through it’s eyes, it is truly a mesmerizing experience.

Although they are massive creatures, sometimes weighing up to 50 tonnes and fully grown 15 metres in length, they are gentle giants and can manoever their bodies so gracefully around our tiny bodies.
They are aware of us and every time we swam with them, we so easily trusted them. 
There is a mutual understanding in the water between the whales and humans that cannot be explained.

Here's some snaps from our whale encounters, all photos taken by us, in the water swimming with them. 

Want to come with us next year??? We are running an OceanZen whale swim retreat!! Email us info@oceanzenbikini.com for package prices. 

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