Great Barrier Reef - Group Trip Feb 2021

February 23, 2021 1 Comment

Great Barrier Reef -  Group Trip Feb 2021

We have just returned from Lady Elliot Island on the Great Barrier Reef kicking off our first group trip for 2021, and it was a cracker of a trip! Straight off the plane and into the crystal clear turquoise waters of the reef flourishing with marine life, our eyes couldn't believe what we saw. Healthy colourful coral reef, friendly and curious turtles, very chill reef sharks and rays.
By day we snorkelled and chilled on the beach in awe of the colours of the water and by night we sipped on cocktails and went walking around the island shores in search of baby turtle hatchlings.
Hatchlings usually come out from their nest just after sunset to about 9:00pm and we were so lucky to see a nest emerge! We saw about 50-60 baby turtles make their way to the ocean under the professional care and support of the resort scientists. Later that night we also got to see a huge mamma turtle on the beach make a nest for her eggs which will hatch in about 8 weeks from now. 

We saw it all!

These trips are truly unique, and we run them because there are so many solo women who want to see these amazing destinations but potentially have nobody to tag along with them and it can be daunting travelling somewhere completely on your own. We host these trips for you to meet like minded legends and tick off a bucket list destination! 

See our group trip video and press play and you want to join on our group trips, Enquire now!



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