How to care for your sustainable, OceanZen swim

Our garments are handmade with love, with a soft and delicate recycled and sustainable fabric. We recommend the following steps to extend the longevity and fabric quality of your garments

- Rinse or hand wash gently in cold water immediately after wearing. It’s important that any chlorine or salt water is removed.

- Leave to dry inside to avoid direct sunlight. Over time direct sunlight may cause the fabric colouring to fade.

- Do not roll up, wring, bleach or iron

- Pilling is a natural occurrence for both synthetic and natural yarns and can be caused by a garment being exposed to movement or friction. OceanZen is not responsible for the pilling or balling of fabrics.

- Fake tanning, sunscreens and body oils could mark or stain your swimwear. If using take care to applying or ensure you are dry.

- Our fabric is delicate, avoid contact with rough surfaces such as rocks and concrete pool surfaces as this may cause the fabric to snag.