OceanZen relocates to the Galapagos Islands

March 06, 2016

OceanZen relocates to the Galapagos Islands

Our love for the ocean is inspired through our love of travel. Exploring all edges of the earth that has deep blue ocean is the desire we OceanZen girls thrive for. We have a restless energy that pulls us away from what others may call ‘the norm’ and we walk in the direction our hearts call out for.

The Galapagos Islands are one of these edges we speak of. Far away in South America, tucked off the coast of Ecuador, lays one of the most pristine and diverse places on this earth.
With an abundance of marine life, an average day spent here has some form of close encounter with a Galapagos endemic creature. These islands have been home to OceanZen HQ  for the remaining four months of 2014 whilst researching some of the most majestic creatures that crawl or swim on this earth.

Living raw island life to its extreme simplicity where the only type of 'fast food’ available is fried plantain (a type of banana). �
My time here has been spent in a bikini and only a bikini,  soaked in salt water, frolicking in the ocean dancing with turtles, sea lions, sharks and manta rays and with every sunset shared with curious sea lions.
OceanZen has been taken to a new depth of inspiration, with complete solitude from the outside world of conformed society, it has been thrilling to connect to the inner core of my soul and express my inspired designs from my surroundings in a sketch book.

2015 brings in new motivation and new designs, stay tuned!

Steph x 

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