Bahamas Girl and OceanZen Bikini

May 30, 2016 4 Comments

Bahamas Girl and OceanZen Bikini

Bahamas Girl, the name says it all! This born and bred island mermaid has been a long time fan of us OceanZen girls.
We have not only been drawn to her amazing underwater frolicking with amazing sea creatures but also her message for marine conservation.
We got to have a little chat to the island beauty and find out a few of her secrets to free diving, breath holding and more about her passion for marine conservation

What is your favorite marine animal? Im guessing stingray :)
Haha definitely! I do have to say it is tied with dolphins and manatees though!

What is the most magical underwater experience you have had?
Probably when I got to swim with some wild dolphins a couple years ago, it was a pod about 12 of them and it was close to sunset, definitely very magical!

How long can you hold your breath for? You always look so effortless!
About 1-2 minutes, I try my best to always my best to look elegant! 

What are some threats that are facing some of your favourite animals in the Bahamas?
Climate change is definitely taking a toll and some of the reefs are continuing to die year after year, this is why I have joined with Project Baseline to try and stop these changes and save the reefs. In turn this hurts the fish who don't have homes or food anymore. On another threatening topic though, our manatees live in the marina most of the time and we are the only island in the Bahamas to have a pod of manatees. However, some boats come speeding through and some have hit the manatees when they come up for air and have left huge gashes on their backs. We are working hard to make sure this is stopped and people slow down when they are told.

And what can we do to help!!?
Definitely just get educated about marine issues in your area and join a conservation site/project. (doesn't necessarily have to be Baseline, however it is an outstanding project!) And of course live as sustainably as possible, not taking anymore from the earth than you need.

Are you involved in any conservation projects?
Yes, mine is called Project Base line:

What do you want to be when you grow up and do you see yourself living in the Bahamas in your adult life?
I would love to be a mother and have a family at some point and I would love my children to have the same experiences as I did with the ocean, so yes the Bahamas will always be part of my life.

Do you have any breath hold tips for our OceanZen girls?
Just take a deep breath and slow your heart, if you are jumping up and down and breathing hard you are making yourself tired and you wont be able to hold your breath or dive if you are short of breath.

You can check out her instagram @_bahamasgirl_ to swoon over some of her incredible photos.
(Left to right) Bahamas Girl is wearing our Swell Wrap Set and our Midnight Braided top/bottoms made from recycled plastic bottles and fishing nets from the ocean!
What a great ambassador for the ocean!!








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