A week with Lenovo

September 05, 2018

OceanZen is exclusively stocked online which means we are heavily reliant on functional software and technology in order for our business to run smoothly and successfully. From our laptop, apps, editing programs, without any of this OceanZen would not exist as an ecommerce business. Being an ecommerce business also gives us the freedom to do more, whether that be on location for a campaign or speaking at an interstate business event or school, swimming with whales in Tonga for our whale swim retreats or product design meetings, we are working from everywhere, anytime from our laptop. This week we had the opportunity to align with one of the leading Tech brands in the industry, Lenovo. We were invited to attend the Lenovo Tech Life Life conference and IFA conference in Berlin as part of the Lenovo ‘Different is Better’ campaign which celebrates leading creatives, like Oceanzen, who think and create things differently. We were a group of 6 guests, all from influential areas in different industries and were apart of witnessing Lenovo’s new range of products before launching to the public. We were from all different industries – Steph @hexsteph who is a queen gamer, Nick who is an amazing DJ @m4sonic, Dan Moore who is a travel content creator @danandmoore, Brando who is a creative writer, Bridget who is an internationally recognised chef The Internet Chef and Steph from OceanZen, all brought together by Sara, the Lenovo Marketing Manager for Australia NZ. We were taken on Berlin city tours and learned so much incredible German history, wined and dined and the very first to whiteness the new Lenovo products that are leading the way with innovation in the industry. The Lenova Yoga 730 is what I use whilst out and about. It has a 360 hinge meaning I can turn my laptop into an ipad or notebook and has a screen safe pen that allows me to literally write notes or design swimwear as I would on paper. Less paper means more tree’s! It’s so slim and it fits in my bag while I am out and about and having long days, the 11 hour battery life works a real treat! Having never experienced virtual reality before, this was a massive highlight for me. From being in space to feeling like I was ‘Lara Croft’ fending off space ships, to snowboarding mountain peaks and their latest launch ‘Star Wars’ Jedi Challenge where you can play on the dark side as Kylo Ren with a lightsaber. For some reason, the group found my virtual reality experiences rather entertaining to watch. I was so impressed to see their Google Smart Home Display which is basically your personal assistant in the house/kitchen and can be synced to turn your Lenovo light bulbs off/on/dim them to candle light or various other light shades, linked to your spotify, youtube, (I asked ‘how to make a mojito on youtube’ and within a few seconds the video recipe was up ready for me to whip up a cocktail. Thank you Lenovo for an unforgettable week experiencing your incredible innovation and advanced technology!

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