Swim with Humpback Whales Retreat

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Tonga is one of the most incredible places in the world to swim with humpback whales and through our second company @oceanzentravel we host group adventure trips for women to experience bucket list moments. 

In September we are off to Tonga, the most incredible part of the world where it is best to swim with the whales. 

We have 4 full days on the water on a private chartered boat. One day we could experience a heat run with 10 whales, the next we could snorkel with a resting mum and calf, the next we could have a lone male singer. Every encounter is always so different which is why we maximise as much time as we can with the whales. We have booked this trip in the middle of peak season, where the waters are warmer and the most whales are in the area.

During September the calves are a little older so they can be more playful as-well. The whales are drawn to warmer waters and leave their feeding grounds in Antarctica to mate and birth their calves during the whale season. As their food supply is low in warmer waters, they don't feed at all after leaving Antarctica for about 6 months!

On our Antarctica expedition, we will hopefully get to witness them in their feeding grounds hunting, which is incredible behaviour to witness.

If you are interested in joining us, please email info@oceanzenbikini.com. There are LIMITED spots left!

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