How to make your own home made BATH BOMBS!!

October 25, 2016

How to make your own home made BATH BOMBS!!

OceanZen is showcasing at Sunshine Coast Fashion Week this year and we have the opportunity to include 500 gifts (not paper vouchers) in the gift bags. My mind instantly raced through amazing gift ideas! From eco-water bottles, to custom made sarongs and bikini key rings… all of which were quoted over $1,500. For anyone that has their own business, small or medium, would understand that this is a massive outlay cost for a once off event.I had to think smaller, more unique and more financially affordable. I came home after a long day of sun, salt and sand and hopped in the bath to unwind… and it came to me. OceanZen bath bombs! I found a recipe online, but tweaked some things to make it a little more organic and relaxing. I personally don’t want to bathe in anything that’s not good for my skin. This recipe makes about 5-6 – depending on your ball size… (excuse the pun). You will need: 1 cup baking soda ½ cup Epsom salt ½ citric acid Stir these ingredients together in a bowl with a whisk. Then in a glass jar add 3 tea spoons of organic coconut oil 1 teaspoon of water 1 teaspoon of lavender (you can use any essential oil you like) and if you would like your bath bomb to have some colour, you can add a teaspoon of food colouring. You will also need a bath bomb mould (you can get away with using a clear christmas bauble that splits in half which we used) Purchased from any christmas shop.

Stir in the liquid ingredients in a glass jar, and slowing add to the bowl of dry ingredients and whisk away until all is evenly mixed. Overfill each half of the christmas bauble/mould and slowly squish both sides together to close. Use a table spoon to tap around 5 times on each end of the mould to allow the bath bomb to come out without crumbling. It takes a couple of go’s to get the perfect bath bomb (well it took me a few go’s)… But it’s all about getting the mixture and the right moisture to avoid the bath bomb crumbling. Leave the bath bombs to dry overnight resting on a towel with baking paper on top. To finish, we wrapped ours with tissue paper and had some pretty little tags made by

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